The Wearhouse Consignment | Landisville, PA | Lancaster, PA


What a great way to make money for your school, dance team, sports team, or for your favorite non-profit.

Just open a charitable account in the name of your organization, get the word out to your members, friends, family, and your organization will be on its way to making money! Your organization will make 60% of the selling price. All monies are paid by check directly to the organization. Whomever initiates opening a charitable account will serve as the contact person for the account.

Spread the word! The more items brought in to sell under your charitable account, the more money your organization makes! When opening an account, we will provide you with a sample email to generate excitement. No appointment is necessary; we just ask that your members are mindful of our acceptance guidelines (current style, better brand name).

Enjoy the rewards! No one likes fundraising, as it most often involves selling something. What a unique opportunity to make money for your club and not have to sell something! Remember, spread the word to members, family, friends. They just need to mention the name of your organization and we'll do the rest.

Feel free to ask Jill or Libby for additional information.