The Wearhouse Consignment | Landisville, PA | Lancaster, PA

About Our Consignment Store Team

Jill Hartman "Lady Boss"

The consignment business has been in Jill's blood for 12 years. These days, Jill is more 'behind the scenes' doing bookkeeping and marketing for the shop. She typically can be found working from her desk in the back room... but always has an ear open to make sure the staff is on their game! Jill is proud of The Wearhouse and loves to interact with many loyal customers (friends!). Jill and Chuck have two daughters who are graduates of LCHS and current students at Fordham University. Her drink of choice? Starbucks venti iced coffee .. black.

Libby Casey "Baby Boss"

Libby came to The Wearhouse in 2015 with experience working corporate retail management. On top of running the store's facebook/Instagram, she typically can be found at the front counter connecting with customers. She enjoys working closely with Jill to understand the science of running a small business in hopes of opening her own store one day. A lover of all things vintage, Libby is an actor when she's not at The Wearhouse and is rarely seen without (her favorite) sunglasses on her head. She lives in Lancaster city with her boyfriend and three cats. Libby's drink of choice? Starbucks decaf mocha .. no whip.

Beth Flick "Shopper Turned Employee"

Beth was a longtime customer of The Wearhouse before being recruited by Jill the summer of 2015. Now she has a difficult time not buying all the cool items that come into the shop! Beth loves working with customers, especially helping them decide on a new handbag! Well known for her love of designer bags, she can spot a fake Louis Vuitton from a mile away. Beth is awesome at keeping our racks neat and organized. When not working, Beth spends time with her husband Steve and daughter Madison. Her drink of choice? Dunkin iced coffee.

Emily Landis "Supreme Tagger"

Emily started with the Wearhouse at 15. She is currently a student at Hempfield High School and is looking at colleges where she can study biology. Working a few nights a week, she is a master at getting merchandise tagged and out onto the floor. She can hang, tag and put out 3 racks of clothing all in an after school shift (2.5 hours!). Outside school and work, she hangs out with her friends, eats too much chocolate and is active in her youth group. Emily's drink of choice? Water!

A 'shout out' to a few employees who have moved on but played an important part of the success of the Wearhouse. Tobye was with us for 10 years. She was a constant at The Wearhouse and we appreciate all the energy she put in to making our shop hummm. Livie left us after 5 years to take on a new career in real estate. Kelsey Greth worked with us over college breaks and during summers for the last 3 years. Kelsey graduated this year from Kutztown with her degree in business administration. These are just a few of the gals who helped make the Wearhouse a great consignment shop!